Alex Merritt/Steve Fishwick Quintet

Alex Merritt/Steve Fishwick Quintet This Quintet are set to record their debut album in summer 2018. This project sees Alex and Steve joining forces to create their own brand of sophisticated contemporary jazz that draws on the strength of both leaders as accomplished players but also as very individual composers. The rhythm section of John Turville (piano) Mick Coady (bass) and Matt Fishwick/James Maddren(drums) adds even more fire and elegance to the proceedings! The band is set to play numerous dates around the UK in the run-up to their recording building on previous successes at venues such as Ronnie Scotts, where they return in May of this year, (See/hear extracts from previous shows below)- and will follow the album recording with a UK tour in 2019.

The band traditionally has played arrangements of jazz standards and the music of Kenny Dorham/ Joe Henderson, John Coltrane and Lennie Tristano/ Warne Marsh over its 5 year tenure but on upcoming shows will feature more and more of Alex, Steve and also John’s music written for the band.

This is a very exciting project and there is a fantastic synergy amongst all members of the band which makes for very entertaining, stylish and nuanced modern jazz that will appeal equally to jazz afficianados and more mainstream audiences.





Steve Fishwick

Steve Fishwick

Steve Fishwick is widely considered to be one of the best jazz trumpet players ever to come from the UK, and is rapidly gaining a global reputation thanks to his flawless technique, and his beautifully flowing, harmonically rich improvisations. He is one of an increasing number of trumpeters who have been heavily influenced by the melodic approach of the late great Kenny Dorham, a figure often overlooked (and undeservedly so) in the pantheon of Jazz Trumpet Legends. As well as “K.D.”, Steve cites Art Farmer, Miles Davis and Woody Shaw among his favourite players, but his style is very much his own. Trumpet great Wynton Marsalis recently said about him “Steve has his own style. He plays from the bottom to the top of the horn whilst maintaining the integrity of the chords. I can’t think of another trumpet player that can do what he does.” Legendary Jazz critic Ira Gitler had this to say ‘My question is where has Fishwick been hiding? Hip middle register melodious bebop, but when Steve lights his wick he becomes a flying fish, soaring above the waves, totally in control!’